Public Discourse - Xubera Institute for Research and Development (Xubera) is a leader in KwaZulu-Natal at creating a space that is non-partisan, intellectually inclined towards problem solving and futuristic in its approach on public discourse. Our public dialogues are structured to provide innovate ways to build bridges across the chasm of public viewpoints

Research - Working with clients we provide innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services. Xubera has just what any client needs: infrastructure, personnel, and equipment, experience and networking capabilities

General Information

or the past six years Xubera’s popularity has grown significantly. Unequivocally one can proudly confirm that Xubera is a household name in South Africa primarily in KwaZulu Natal. Attendance in our sessions has grown by leaps and bounds. Our recent events are becoming repeatedly over-subscribed due to various limitations related to size o venues mostly. The emails, mobile messages and telephone calls that we have constantly received are a testimonial to the demand for our service. We are growing daily in popularity.

Our Key Competencies

Book Launches 80%
Public Discourse 90%
Leadership Roundtable Discussions 82%

Company Overview


Professionals are the primary target market we pride ourselves in our endevours. Xubera has established itself as a reputable Kwazulu Natal think tank.

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Develop dynamic ideas and analysis on the South African, African and global issues that shape our world.

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Generate fresh ideas that foster new approaches to development policy and practice

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